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Michael's 50th Birthday Kidney Frundraiser

Michael Vietri

Michael's 50 K(idney) for 50

I'm 50!

I'm making my milestone 50th Birthday to raise $5,000 to support the National Kidney Foundation and The Kidney Foundation of Canada, and the work they do to help the millions of North Americans affected by kidney disease, including me.

I am a fortunate recipient of a kidney transplant in 2015, after being diagnosed with kidney failure and put on dialysis a year earlier, just 2 months after our son was born. I would not be celebrating this milestone in good health, and able to live a normal everyday life if it were not for this most precious gift.

I need your help!

My goal is to have 100 people donate $50 in tribute to the generous stranger who signed their donor card and gave me new life, to all organ donors, and to the medical professionals, doctors, nurses, clinicians, and researchers across North America who dedicate their careers to making life better for people with Kidney Disease.

Each donation is meaningful, and I would be grateful for your support to help fight kidney disease.

Please donate and share!

Canadians are welcome to donate to the Kidney Foundation of Canada

Thank you,


raised of $5,000 goal

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