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Team MICU Moves!

Keaton Ashmead

MICU Marathon Team

Every day, my coworkers and I help treat those suffering from kidney disease. Kidney transplants, Dialysis, Chronic kidney disease, these are commonplace in the Medical ICU. What we don't always see is how these procedures, bills, and hardships accumulate. Many of our patients only become patients because they cant afford treatment and end up in the hospital, and Alabama leads the nation with drastically high rates of Kidney disease, Nearly 1 in 5 Alabamians are currently suffering.

This year we decided to try and do something about it. My team in the Medical ICU has decided to run the Mercedes marathon this February in an effort to raise funds for the National Kidney foundation. This Foundation was the first to identify kidney disease as a distinct, treatable illness. They developed the staged system of kidney disease diagnosis and treatment – a worldwide standard today – and release and update treatment guidelines to improve patient care.

We move for our patients, help support my team in running hundreds of miles to fight kidney disease


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