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My 2024 TCS New York City Marathon Fundraising Page

Whitney Sinowitz

Whitney Sinowitz

​Why I Run
Right now, 37 million American adults are living with kidney disease. It's safe to say that National Kidney Foundation holds a special place in my heart, as well as my entire family. Growing up, chronic kidney disease was a huge part of my life. My mom and I both suffer from Uromodulin associated kidney disease, which is a rare form of kidney disease, though there are SO many reasons kidney disease is diagnosed.  My mom was on dialysis for years before receiving her life saving transplant, and we have walked and fundraised for the National Kidney Foundation since that time. I have also lived with this silent disease, until the time came that I too, needed a life saving transplant. As fate would have it, my adopted, non-biological brother was a perfect match, and we underwent living donation in 12/22. I started running after I saw what my body was capable of post transplant, and haven't looked back. Running has allowed me to show up for myself and prove that no disease defines any one person. 

National Kidney Foundation is revolutionizing the fight to save lives by eliminating preventable kidney disease, accelerating innovation for the dignity of the patient experience, and dismantling structural inequalities in kidney care, dialysis, and transplantation. 

I could not imagine running for and supporting a more meaningful cause, as I embark on my marathon training for 2024! Thank you to every single donor and please come out to NYC on Sunday, November 3, 2024!!!

Thank you for your support!



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