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My 2023 TCS New York City Marathon Fundraising Page

James Flatow

James Flatow

In 2019, I ran my first New York City Marathon with the National Kidney Foundation because there is kidney disease in my family. I was applying to medical school at the time and had little idea of my intended specialty.

Now in my final year of school, I have witnessed more fully the debilitating effects of renal disorders and the strong bonds they forge between patients and providers. Considering a career in nephrology makes me even more excited to re-join Team Kidney for my second marathon.

In a vastly under-resourced field (kidney disease receives just two percent of NIH research funding despite affecting one in seven American adults), NKF promotes awareness of and screening for chronic kidney disease, provides research grants, and creates clinical practice guidelines to standardize and improve care, among other initiatives. I would be extremely grateful if you’d consider supporting these crucial efforts. Thank you!


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